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Cupcakes For Lila

Thanks for visiting

lila's cupcake page

Lila was our precious little cupcake, we created this page to add cute pictures of cupcakes for our little sweetie.  If you find one you think is cute, feel free to upload it!  Thanks again for visiting and helping keep Lila's memory strong.


maddie and jude bug September 8, 2010
sending halloween cupcakes to sissy
momma September 8, 2010
more halloween cupcakes for lila
momma September 8, 2010
halloween cupcakes for lila bird. xoxo
kaylee April 20, 2010
cute cupcake for lilabird


i thought theese were cute  my heart goes out to little Lila Grace


mom 2 Waylon Kitchens April 7, 2010
Thinkin of a sweet cupcake name Lila
Passerby August 27, 2009
Pretty cupcakes for a pretty girl
image Hi Lila - I stop by everyonce in a while to get updates on your brother.  You are such a sweetie.  Keep watchin over that beautiful family of yours.
Mommy August 26, 2009
Cupcakes for Bernadine, whatdya think L?

Hey Lila, What do you think of these cupcakes we made for the neighbor?!  She's going to be 91!!!  I've shown her all your pics.. She said when she gets to Heaven she's bringing you a hug from me! luv ya, sweet girl. xoxo momma.

Kimberly...Waylon's mom August 23, 2009
thinkin of you Lila
Leslie Thai August 14, 2009
Sorry baby, here is a cup cake
leslie thai August 14, 2009
To little Angel LILA !
I read your Mommy blog today and decide to stop by to give you a cup cake.  Please watch over your little brother (Jude).  He is a cutie pie.
Momma Bird July 17, 2009
For my Lila Bird. More fun cupcakes.
Mommy July 7, 2009
A cupcake for Lila Bird
Waylon's mom June 11, 2009
I thought of you today
Mommy June 3, 2009
u've always been r lila bird & cupcake.
Kimberly...Waylon's mom May 30, 2009
A sweet cupcake for a sweet angel
Abigayl's mommy May 29, 2009
Sweet Like You

I thought that these cupcakes were bright and cheery... you blessed so many people with your brief stay on this earth and brightened their lives. I thought these were perfect for you. Good night sweet angel. Send love and kisses to your family.

Momma May 12, 2009
Cupcakes for baby girl
Abigayl's mommy May 11, 2009
I thought it was pretty, delicate and sweet just like you baby Lila. I'm glad Abigayl has such a sweet friend to play with.
Momma Bird May 6, 2009
Cupcakes for Baby Girl.
Maddie May 1, 2009
A May Cupcake or Two for Sissy!!
image I love you sissy.  Last night in the yard I threw a stick up in the air and yelled to mommy and daddy "Look, I threw the stick up really high so Lila could see it!!!" 
Mommy April 30, 2009
Another day, another cupcake for my girl
image I see cute cupcakes everywhere, and they all make me think of you, you little sweetie pie.
Mommy April 29, 2009
more cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!
image aren't these ones adorable?!?!
Momma Bird April 27, 2009
more cupcakes for lila
image so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wendi - Ethan Edward's Mommy April 27, 2009
Cupcake for Lila Bird
image Wendi wanted you to have this special rainbow cupcake baby girl, but the page wouldn't let her add it- so I'm doing it for her.  Isn't it pretty?!
Maddie April 25, 2009
For Lila.
Mommy and Baby Boy April 25, 2009
A cupcake to you from your baby brother.
Mommy and Maddie April 24, 2009
Another day... Another cupcake...
image Just for you, sweet baby.
Momma April 23, 2009
More cute cupcakes for baby girl.
image I can't help but think of you everytime i see something small, precious and sweet. love you so much!!
Maddie April 23, 2009
Cupcakes for Sissy
image I <3 you sissy.  Did you see my coloring book the other day?  I brought it out to your spot when we visited and I showed you every page.  Mommy says you can see it from up in Heaven.
Mommy & Daddy April 21, 2009
Another April Cupcake for Lila Bird.
image Yet another cute cupcake for your page, you're such a sweetie that no cupcake could actually compare, but they sure are cute as a button- just as you are. xoxo
Mommy & Maddie Bird April 21, 2009
A Cupcake for Lil' Lila
image This is quite a cute lil' cupcake, don't you think?  I couldn't help but save it for my girl!! xoxo

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