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My dear friend, Raychel, started a page for her Abi for pictures of butterflies.  I was inspired by this and wanted to make one for Lila too.  Butterflies are such beautiful, delicate creatures and it is truly amazing that they can survive and thrive in this world that can at times- be so harsh.  This makes me think the same of our precious babies.  What a miracle it is when they come into this world, they too are so beautiful and delicate.  Truly a work of God.
momma September 8, 2010
butterfly room *heart*
Love, Jude June 3, 2010
for Lila

sissy, mommy added this from me to you.

i never met you, but i will in heaven one day.

i love you so much.


Your family June 3, 2010
new page of butterflies.
image we are adding this new page so we can share beauty with our precious girl. xoxo
Maddie June 3, 2010
thinking of my sister. :)
image i miss you lila, mommy helped me find a picture of a butterfly for you.
Grandma June 3, 2010
a butterfly for lila grace.
Mommy June 3, 2010

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