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Yolanda, Mom to Anna
May our Lord's peace & comfort continue to bless Lila's Mommy & Grandma, especially today.
Put little white flowers out just for you today. Missing you. xoxoxo
Yolanda, Mom to Anna
Knowing hugs to Lila Grace's Mom & grandma. May our Lord hold you extra tight today.
Missing you on your 9th birthday
Grammy & Papa
Happy Birthday Sweet Granddaughter. You are loved and you are so very missed.
Coral Mum to Angel DJ
Swept away by Angels on a Heavenly Flight xxxxx
Grammy & papa
Big hugs and kisses to you. You are missed. XOXO
Hugs sweet girl, we miss you so much.
A Friend
Happy to see candles are still being lit for you. I've checked every few years and am glad to see more everytime. Love you.
Rose gma to Brittany Syfert
Precious Lila Grace, lighting a candle today in ur loving memory. Forever loved & missed.
Missing you Sweetheart
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