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There's a song out right now that maddie adores.  It's called, cowgirls don't cry.  In the song he says that the Good Lord calls everybody home.  This line makes tears well up in my eyes, because I think often of what a special day it will be when we're all together again. 


Waylon Kitchens mommy
Happy Valentine's Day Lila

Oh, Lila Bird, I miss you so much today.  I just have days where I can't get you off my mind for a minute.  I miss carrying you around the house and patting you until you'd burp.  Those burps were so adorable.  You always had that sweet milk smell that made my heart melt.  You are always going to be so special to me.  There is not one minute that I feel like I'm forgetting you, I could never forget you.  I am so aware of how special it was that God sent me an Angel.

I miss you today, tomorrow and always until I come home too.

I love you baby girl.


Lila, I think of you all the time.  I talk about you every day.  I miss you.

Hey there, Lil' Lila Bird...

I'm back to painting again.  I normally just paint animals or landscapes- easy things- but I decided to give people a try again... And the funny thing is that I was trying to paint Maddie and despite that, I ended up with more of a mix of the two of you together.  I put this on my blog page and looked back and forth between you girls and kind of chuckled to myself.  No matter where I am, your memory creeps into my day to day- and lately it's been extra special.  I love you baby girl, you may be in Heaven, but you're only a prayer away- you live in my heart, right next to Jesus. 


All my love,

Momma (Or as Daddy has affectionately nicknamed me- "Momma Bird")

PS. Your picture in Daddy's toolbox helps him share his testimony with people in a special way.  Thanks for allowing me to take such beautiful photographs of you..

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