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I am so excited to know that two of your balloon memorials were found.  It's an absolute blessing to have met these awesome new people and to share part of our lives with them- also to share your memory.  We continue to miss you daily, but this has lightened our hearts in a way we can't even explain. xoxo.
Bruce Smith
Greetings from Vicksburg Michigan,

My wife and I were walking our dogs in the field next to our house today (Easter day, 2009).  On a whim, I went off trail through some tall grass where I rarely journey.  There I came upon one of your balloon memories.  It looks like it may have been there for some time, but it is still quite legible (photo attached).

I'm very sorry for your loss.  If you like, we can be reached via email:  smith at reddog dot org

Bruce and Shirley Smith
Lila, one of your balloon memorials came back to us from Michigan!!  We are so very excited, only about ten of them agreed to go up in the sky that day and we were sad, but it's amazing to know that one made it there!!

I was playing around today and made you a picture.  It's definitely not professional, but it sure is cute.  I love you angel baby, keep watchin over your new baby brother and your big sissy.



Baby brother is growing and doing well!  Keep looking out for him from up above.  Love you, baby!


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